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Jim Varney ~ It's Ernest The Complete Series ~ #Review

Jim Varney ~ It's Ernest The Complete Series ~ #Review

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Hey Vern! It's me! I'm on TV! 
With the overwhelming success of Ernest Goes to Camp in 1987, Ernest-mania was in full force. The lovable southern bumpkin, a familiar face in numerous television commercials in the 80s, had finally reached the big screen and now it was time for a stint on television in Hey Vern, It’s Ernest!
Jim Varney who created the Ernest P. Worrell character starred in this imaginative Saturday morning kid’s program composed of a series of live-action comedy sketches.  Each show follows a particular weekly theme such as outer space; hobbies, scary things or magic.  Hey Vern, It’s Ernest! has been compared to other live-action kids comedy series such as You Can’t Do That On Television  and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse!
1. Hey Vern, It's Outer Space
2. Hey Vern, It's Clothing
3. Hey Vern, It's Scary Things
4. Hey Vern, It's Movies
5. Hey Vern, It's Magic
6. Hey Vern, It's Sports
7. Hey Vern, It's Pets
8. Hey Vern, It's Hobbies
9. Hey Vern, It's Food
10. Hey Vern, It's Holidays
11. Hey Vern, It's School
12. Hey Vern, It's Lost and Found
13. Hey Vern, It's Talent
My Thoughts:

I remember watching Jim's Varney's hilarious television commercials back when I first got married. He always had a cap and blue jean vest on and talked to "Vern"- whom we didn't see but in one commecial saw his foot kick him off a ladder. His clean humor and goofiness was always fun to watch and made me smile.

He had two movies in the 80's called Ernest Goes to Camp and Ernest Saves Christmas which led to his own television show Hey Vern, It's Ernest! Sadly, it only was on for one season with 13 episodes. It was a Saturday morning show for kids with different themes made into comedy sketches. I wish they had shows like this today. It's very reminiscent and brings back memories. Just good clean fun! 

You may find It's Ernest the Complete Series 13 Episodes at Mill Creek Entertainment.

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