Friday, February 10, 2017

Gloria's Bits and Pieces is please to include another guest post from Rana Tarakji. Thank you Rana!

Putting Yourself First

Some friends or people in general want you to always be there for them and give them constant attention, but don't always make the effort to give you the same kind of attention or even respect. We all deserve to be treated with respect, but this is often not the case unfortunately. People around you sometimes disappoint you, with even the smallest of things. A friend of mine, for instance is always fun and attentive when it's just the both of us. However, whenever there are other people around, from within her own circle or comfort zone, she becomes distant and neglective.

In such situations, I came to the recent decision that it's not worth it for me anymore to be neglected and treated differently according to the situation at hand, and that I don't really need to make the effort anymore and go out of my way just to maintain the relationship. I decided that I needed to change my relationship with certain people in my life, but to always be respectable at the same time. Now that I have got new relationships in my life that seem to be a much better fit, and the fact that I've got my own freedom to live a happy life, I can move on to a new social road trip in my life...

I came to this decision on my own but it's always helpful to consult a therapist or a life coach if you're having social problems, anxiety or some kind of social stress!

Sometimes you just need to figure out what situations to avoid and how to put YOU first.

Author bioRana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a freelance writer and blogger at Stylerail.

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  1. This post is very helpful. It's hard to come to that decision, though. I recently had to do a similar thing with someone I've done business with.