Friday, January 6, 2017

Ozeri ZK18-WG Rev Digital Kitchen Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial #Review #Ozeri

Ozeri ZK18-WG Rev Digital Kitchen Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial #Review #Ozeri

It's a brand new year and the holidays are over. Before you know it, Valentine's Day will be here, then St. Patrick's Day and Easter! Time to start fresh and get things back in shape, starting with myself. During the holidays I went a little overboard with the cookies and other goodies. Now it's time to eat healthier! 

I was excited to get the The Ozeri Rev Digital Kitchen Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial which will help me monitor my food intake and hopefully shed a few pounds. This is a beautiful and very modern looking digital scale indeed! It comes in an attractive white color and sits nicely on my counter-top without taking up much room.

The scale takes 3 AAA batteries which are included so you don't have to go out and purchase batteries right away. They are easily inserted on the back of the scale with no problem. I really appreciate this because it's a nuisance when you want to use something and have to look for batteries right away. I like that this scale can calculate your ingredients with various units of weights, such as lb., oz., g, kg and ml. It even has a tare button so you can find out how much your net weight is when you have something in a bowl or other container. 

Sometimes when I'm using my glass measuring cup it's hard to see the precise measure with the lines on the cup. By using this scale I know I'm going to get the correct amount with no guessing. The scale works great and is fun to use too. The LCD screen lights up so the numbers are very easy to read with no problem. Additionally, it has a regular scale display where the hand moves. 

So far I've been using it for measuring some sugar in a glass measuring cup and a small bowl of chex mix that I made (and have been eating too much of). I measured both of these items in ounces but if you want to change the measurement all you do is press a button on the back of the scale.

I'm very happy with my new Ozeri ZK18-WG Rev Digital Kitchen Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial. Besides weighing food, you could also use it for weighing packages for mailing. Along the scale you get a User Manual and a Calorie Guide and U.S. Postal First Class Letter Rate Guide. It's a useful gadget that will come in handy from now on.

You can get one for yourself on Amazon for $20.14 as of this date.

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  1. That seems like a useful item to have, especially because you can use it in the kitchen and for weighing packages. My husband could use that for dividing up leftover ham or turkey to be frozen by the vacuum pack sealer.