Friday, January 27, 2017

Check For Changes WithYour Skin

Check For Changes With Your Skin

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About a year and a half ago I developed a growth on the left side of my forehead under my hair which appeared rather quickly. I would say it came out of nowhere and there it was. It was kind of a crusty spot which wasn't dark but rather light or tan in color. Of course it was kind of scary to get something out of the ordinary on my skin and I made an appointment at a dermatologist.

When I got to the doctor he said that the "spot" was the first thing he was concerned about before I could tell him what I was there for.  He is an elderly doctor who is in his 80's, so he's been around for quite awhile and still has many patients. I remember going to him when I first got married to remove some moles that I didn't like looking at, and that was about 32 years ago.

Anyways, he removed the growth at that time and sent it in for a biopsy. Thankfully, I found out it was benign and that was the end of it. Well, recently I noticed a new spot similar to the one I had before. It was on the same side of my head, and under my hair so it wasn't noticeable but I kept seeing it myself. It started as some scaly type skin and grew into a bigger spot. Needless to say, I made anther appointment with my dermatologist and got in to see him this week.

The doctor looked at it and said it was like the other spot I had  before and wanted to know if I wanted it removed. Of course, I said yes and he burned it off. He said this time he didn't have to send it in for a biopsy. I believe he called the spots I had on my skin "seborrhei keratosis" which can occur when your skin ages, and are not cancerous. 

I was fortunate that my spots were not cancerous but you should always get them checked out by a dermatologist. I'm not one to sunbathe because I know it can wrinkle skin and I just don't like being in the hot sun anyways. I like being in the shade in the summer months.  Every time I have visited the dermatologist I notice a sign that always sticks in my head.

The sign says as follows:

"If you want leather for skin, keep tanning your hide".

 It makes sense to me!  Have you ever had any skin problems before?


  1. Gloria, good for you to get those spots checked out. I'm glad they weren't cancerous. My dad has had 2 cancerous spots removed from the back of his hand. It's weird how they keep coming back to about the same spot.

    1. Thanks Brenda. I'm really thankful they were benign. I never thought of having cancerous spots on hands. Glad your dad had them removed and hope everything is fine now.