Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Little Day Trip To Lake Michigan

A Little Day Trip To Lake Michigan

Our daughter lives and works three hours from our little town in Michigan and just got her first vacation since she's been at her present job. She's been working at a dental laboratory for fifteen months and is taking a couple of weeks off. Karissa wanted to see Lake Michigan and then we went to an art museum today after spending the night in her apartment.

It was a cooler day in the 50's and a nice day for a drive. After a couple of hours we finally made it to the lake. There were some people sitting in cars and enjoying the scenery, with the waves splashing and some seagulls around the area. The three of us got out and walked along the beach to the water, but it was rather cool for me. There was a lone seagull sitting on the shore, but I'm sure he had lots of friends closeby.

Afterwards, we went for lunch and then headed to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, which was in the process of remodeling so they didn't have a lot to look at. We did enjoy some beautiful art, sculptures and other items which were very unique. I'm not much of an art person, but did know that some of the art was done by Andy Warhol.

Above is a picture of my husband, Karissa and me standing in the chilly wind on the beach. We all enjoyed our day just spending time with each other.  

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