Monday, September 26, 2016

Go In The Right Direction ~ Kulaton Hiking Compass with Luminous Display #Kulaton #Review

Go In The Right Direction  ~ Kulaton Hiking Compass with Luminous Display #Kulaton #Review

Have you ever been lost in the woods or somewhere else and didn't know the right way to go? I can't say that I have in the past but it doesn't sound too fun at all. The Kulaton Hiking Compass with Luminous Display is the perfect compass to take with you when you need to navigate in the right direction. It's great for hiking, walking in the woods, fishing or camping.

This is a sturdy little compass which is made of metal and is very durable. It's lightweight and easy to take with you with it's cover that folds over the compass and secures with a latch. You won't have to worry about dropping the Kulaton Hiking Compass either, because of the shakeproof design. 

A great feature about this handy little compass is the night mode. To use all you do is turn the little button or switch which is located on the back of the compass. It lights up the compass with a red LED light which makes it easy to see in the dark. The days are getting shorter since the fall season is here, so this is a great feature to have for deer hunters roaming in the woods.

Although I don't know much about compasses, this Kulaton Hiking Compass worked just fine.  I know the directions around my house and the surrounding crop land and it was spot on for pointing to the N, S, W and E. You'll want to make sure to keep the box that the compass comes in for directions on how to use it to find a specific site. 

The compass also comes with a keyring compass which was a nice bonus. It's great to use when you don't have the other one handy.

If you are interested in one for yourself they can be found on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received complimentary product in exchange for my unbiased opinions.

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