Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was a rather busy one for me. It was Sugar Festival weekend and there was townwide garage sales in our little village. Sales were planned all over the place starting on Thursday - but then it rained. My mother and I had our garage sale all ready and thought it might clear up and we would put our signs up but it rained all day long. We did need the rain so it was good in that way - but not to have a garage sale. I drove through the town and there were a couple of people that had their sales anyways but not many people going to them.

Friday was a lot better. We opened up the sale and had a lot of people come to town from neighboring towns and cities. It's nice to visit with them and see where people come from. We did pretty good and sold lots of items but still have lots left. Since it's all set up in my mom's garage we're planning on having it again - possibly 4th of July weekend.

Saturday was the Grand Parade which started at 10:30 and lasted over an hour. It was a nice little parade which I've never missed since I was a little girl. One year before I was married I even drove the mayor and his wife in a convertible! That was in the early 1980's. Afterwards we got a chicken dinner - which the firemen barbecue with their special seasonings. I have to admit that it is the best barbecued chicken I've ever had!

Later that day we attended my niece Lisa's high school graduation party. My sister invited a lot of people (about 250 I think). They had pulled pork, chicken, some type of salad - with lettuce, pecans and strawberries, cheesy potatoes, and fruit salad with all types of fresh fruit. I made two giant bowls of pasta salad. There was also lots of desserts and and a gradution cake. A lot of people couldn't make it and there was quite a lot of food left over. 

We were invited to another graduation party (our neighbor's son) the same day but couldn't make it since we had to go to my niece's party - but that's the way it goes. There is so much going on in the summer with lots of parties happening. In the evening there was fireworks for the Sugar Festival, which start at about 10:00 pm when it gets dark. I was too tired to even watch them, but my husband went outside and saw some of them from our house.

All in all, it was a nice weekend. Sunday was a laid back day and tonight we're going to church. Our church has Monday night services and we like it because it's a smaller group than on Sundays.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. I'm sorry you still have so much left over from your garage sale. I hope you do better next time. That parade sounds like a really fun tradition. That's amazing that you've been able to go every year! Congratulations to your niece! That is a lot of people invited to the party. I didn't even know anyone knew that man people! It does sound like a tiring weekend, but it was nice your husband could see the fireworks outside.

  2. Thanks Brenda. Hopefully, we'll sell a lot more on the 4th of July weekend when we have the garage sale again. That was a lot of people invited to the party alright. They had a lot of food left over too, since many people couldn't make it.