Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Measure Your Weight, Fat, Hydration, Muscle and Bone Mass with the Ozeri Touch II Total Body Bath Scale #Ozeri #Review

Ozeri Touch II Total Body Bath Scale

 I was happy to receive this scale a couple of days ago (packaged very securely and safely) and it had come at a great time. I've gained a few pounds recently and want to get back to where I was. It's not a good feeling when you go over what you normally weigh, especially when it's summer. Guess I've been going overboard with the snacks at night.

My new scale is going to help me keep in check to keep track of my weight. First of all the Ozeri Touch II Total Body Bath Scale is a beautiful scale which comes included with 2 lithium batteries and has 4 touch sensitive buttons. It's made of high tempered glass which the company says is impact resistant and it really looks like a strong and durable scale. 

This scale actually can do so many things that it's really amazing. It can measure your weight of course - but it also can calculate body fat, muscle mass, bone measurements and hydration. You can enter your age, height, gender and weight on the scale and it generates an estimate of all of these measurements for you. The scale uses an avanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to calculate your date, which I had never heard of before. It sounds very scientific though, I might say. I did read these warnings in the instruction manual: "BIA sends a harmless signal through the body. Do not use this product if you have a pacemaker or other internal medical device. When in doubt, contact your physician." It also says: "This product is not intended for children or pregnant women."

Besides measuring your own stats, this awesome scale includes an an infant tare technology. What is that - you might ask? It's made so you can easily weigh your baby by weighing yourself, stepping off, and then then again while holding the baby. You could even use this if you want to see how much your pet weighs. The scale will display both weights on separate sections of the LCD light. I haven't tried this because I don't have a baby (or pet) but you could even use it for luggage, so you don't go over the weight limit at the airport and have any surprises.

You can have up to 8 users with the Ozeri Touch II Total Body Bath Scale and it can store all of your family member's information to keep track of their data. I've been having fun trying out and learning about my new scale. The bright LED light is easy to see and the scale is very elegant looking. I compared it with another scale that I have and it was the close to the same weight. The scale measures up to 440 pounds and it automatically goes on when you step on it and goes off after a few seconds when you step off.

I'm impressed with all of the unique features the Ozeri Touch II. It is the fanciest scale I have ever owned.

If you are interested in this scale for yourself it may be found on Amazon as of this date for $39.95.

Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. That is a fancy scale! It would be really nice to have it calculate all of that for you. I never heard of anything calculating hydration before. Thanks for the great review.

  2. It sure is an amazing and unique scale! I never had never heard of any like this before so was excited to get it to review.