Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Daisies and Cosmos Are Starting!

As you might know, I really like flowers! My daisies have come out the last few days and are so pretty with the white petals and bright yellow middles.

I transplanted some of them from the back of our house to the front a few years ago. We still have some in the back but I like to see them when I go out the front door. They really spread the last couple of years and are so cheerful to look at.

The cosmos are starting to pop out also. There are different shades of them and they grow like weeds around here. I even have to pull some out because they get close to the edge of the sidewalk and when they get large they block the walkway. I didn't get a picture of the white ones, but there are the other shades below.

I planted them from seeds years ago and they just keep coming back every year from the dried seeds that drop off. My neighbor has a lot of flowers and she said I could dig some of her various plants that have spread. So, maybe I'll have some different types of flowers next year. That makes me pretty happy too!


  1. Your flowers are all so pretty! That's great you had success transplanting them from the backyard. I just tried that a couple weeks ago. I clipped off some well-growing succulents and planted them in another area of the backyard. They're still going so far! That's nice you have a neighbor willing to share plants with you. My mother-in-law really has a green thumb and she often shares her plants with her friends. I think some of them even pay her!

  2. Thanks Brenda! That's great that your succulents are going good! Your mother-in-law must have lots of plants. That's really neat they she shares and even gets paid sometimes.