Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summates Patio Chair Highback Chair Cover #patiochaircover #chaircover #furniturecover #drybag

Summates Patio Chair Highback Chair Cover

We live in a rural's in town but there is a crop field around us. This year the farmer has wheat planted and just recently they went in and sprayed fertilizer on it. That rustles up the dirt and things  get dusty around here sometimes. Things such as outdoor furniture get dirty and you have to wipe them off before using them.

When I got to try the Sunmates Patio Chair Highback Chair Cover it came at a good time. My husband has been barbecuing quite a bit since spring is here. He has a chair that he sits on when he's grilling and the chair cover fit it great.

This chair cover is a thick material which is very heavy and made of sturdy polyester with a vinyl coating. It's a tan color which looks good with the outdoor scenery.

A nice feature about this chair cover is that it can be adjusted to make it tighter and more snug with the elastic hem cord toggle. It gets pretty windy on certain days so this keeps the cover from flying away. It also has quick release straps near the legs that you can secure for windy days. There are also handles on it to make it easier to grab when you want to remove it.

I think this is a wonderful chair cover which we'll be using all the time from now on. It's great for keeping your chair clean and from getting wet when it rains too.

You may find the Sunmates Patio Chair Highback Chair Cover on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received free product for review purposes and all opinions expressed here are may own.

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