Monday, April 4, 2016

Here We Go Again!

It's already April the 4th and last night we had snow which made the roads icy and slick. Schools in our area had the day off today, which I'm sure the kids appreciated anyways. The only thing is that they will have to make up some of the snow days so the school year will last longer.

Lots of people who plow out driveways and stores had their snow-plowing equipment stored away for the year. Well, mother nature had something else in mind. I thought the snow was done for this season but here we go again. The men who work for the town had to plow the roads and salt them again. They probably thought that it was over for the year also. My husband had to get the shovel out once again and shovel the sidewalks off. 

My daffodils have buds on them but the snow covered them up....not completely but good enough. I wonder what the poor flowers think, haha. Tomorrow it's supposed to be nicer out but only in the low 40's so it won't be freezing temperatures but not that warm either.

Most people I talk to are longing for the warm spring days to come so they can go outdoors and do some yard work or just be outside. We did have a few warmer days this spring but it changes from one day to the next. I guess that's what spring is all about. We live in Michigan and that's what we expect. 

Here's a view around our house. The skies are nice and all we need is some green grass and we'll be all set!


  1. Wow, that's incredible that you received that much snow in April! It looks beautiful, though. I hope it doesn't ruin your flowers.

  2. Yes, it's supposed to be spring, but that doesn't mean anything I guess,haha. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow we'll see if the weather man is correct.

  3. We got the same weather in Upstate NY over the weekend...the snow is still on the ground and it is cold out! It happens every year but we are always surprised by it!