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Political Dramas DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment ~ #Review

Political Dramas DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment

If you've ever read my blog you'll know that my family loves movies. I'm a drama and mystery movie fan so was intrigued to receive the Political Dramas DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment. This is a great DVD that includes 3 films including All The King's Men, Nixon, and Storyville.

All The King's Men:
All The King's Men has some of my favorite actors in it which include Sean Penn, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Anthony Hopkins. This film is based on Robert Penn Warren's Pulizer Prize winning novel from 1946. This film was made in 2006 and is rated PG-13.

Willie Stark (Penn) is an ordinary man from a rural town, demanding that crooked politicians and
shady businessmen in Louisiana be held accountable for the collapse of a poorly built school.
Urged to run for Governor by a dubious political advisor, Tiny Duffy (James Gandolfini), Starks finds his voice as a charismatic man of the people. He then befriends a young idealistic journalist, Jack Burden (Law), who eventually ends up working for him. But when Stark asks Burden to dig deep for damaging information on an old family friend, Judge Montague Irwin (Hopkins), Burden begins to questions his own morality and Stark's surprising transformation into an inflexible leader that will stop at nothing to remain in power.

I thought this film was alright, although it really didn't hold my attention as well as others. I liked the 1950's settings with the clothes and cars of that era. Sean Penn is a favorite of mine and he's always great to watch him act no matter what film he's in. An enjoyable scene was the skater with Stark (Penn) and Burden (Law) sitting in the audience watching her perform. There was another short scene which was neat, like when Judge Montague Irwin (Anthony Hopkins) shot some prisms off a chandelier. The ending was very surprising when Stark gets assassinated by a gunman.

Since I remember when Nixon was president it was interesting to see what this movie told about his life and presidency. It stars some well-known actors including Anthony Hopkins, Joan Allen, Ed Harris and James Woods. The film was made in 1995 and is rated R.

Nixon is the monumental motion picture that delves into the inner sanctum of a tragic world leader - uncovering his greatest moments and his shattering demise! 

Anthony Hopkins stars as Nixon in the film and does a remarkable job I would say. The movie starts off in 1972 at the Watergate Hotel and portrays events that happened there. It also depicted memories from Nixon's childhood and growing up which I found interesting. Anthony Hopkins portrayed Nixon very well, displaying his mannerisms and voice to a tea. The film ended with his resignation and Nixon waving flying off on a helicopter at the White House.



Storyville is a murder mystery which I had not heard of before. It stars James Spader, Joanne Whalley, Jason Robards, and Charlotte Lewis. It was made in 1992 and is rated R.


The son of a powerful Louisiana family, Cray Fowler (Spader), is a rising political star for whom a moment's weakness threatens a lifetime ambition. Videotaped having sex with a beautiful prostitute (Charolette Lewis), Cray finds himself at the center of a spider's web of blackmail and murder. Forced to defend the woman who betrayed him against the woman he once loved, Cray comes face to face with the dangerous secret that created his family's power-and now threatens his own life. Unpredictable and erotic, Storyville is a modern-day Chinatown: suspenseful, shocking, and utterly seductive.

This was an eery drama which is set in Louisana with the Fowler politial family. I enjoyed watching Jason Robards (Clifford Fowler) and a young James Spader as (Cray Fowler). The story held my attention right away with lots of mystery and suspense. I liked the part where the Lee (Charlotte Lewis) is doing karate on Cray Fowler then they're in a pool being promiscuous. Afterwards the viewer sees that somebody has been videotaping them. It made me want to watch what happens next and watch it to the end. 


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