Monday, January 4, 2016

Until The Next Time.......

Until The Next Time.......

My daughter didn't drive home for New Years because she didn't really feel like driving 3 hours after working on New Year's Eve. The next day we didn't really do anything so decided to drive to her apartment and take one of our sons along since he hasn't been there yet. Dusty usually has to work on the weekends so this was a good chance to go while he could.

We got there and Dusty was kind of excited because he had never been to Karissa's apartment since she moved there and got her new job. He also had never seen her cat since she got him. Rothko (her cat's name) was really interested to meet us when we arrived and came up to everyone and rubbed against us and meowed with his cute little meow and chirp-like noise.

We had bought Rothko a couple of toys for Christmas - a mouse that you put catnip inside of (it has velcro that you open and put some in), and a toy with fish on it. He loves new toys and is especially enjoying the catnip mouse toy a lot. Dusty had a red sweatshirt on and the string that goes through the hood pulled all the way out of it. Voila! Rothko had another new "toy". We dangled it around and he kept jumping and pouncing at it for quite awhile. He sure is entertaining and is such a nice cat.

While we were at Karissa's we found a new restaurant which was pretty good. It is named "Arnie's" and they have a bakery in the restaurant. When you order an entree you get a free cupcake, either to eat there or take with you. They have so many different kinds of cupcakes...such as chocolate, carrot cake, raspberry filled, chantilly and others. My husband doesn't eat cake and I'm trying to cut back from the holidays so we gave ours to Karissa to take home.

Saturday night Karissa and Dusty went to see a movie together. My husband and I didn't go but stayed at her apartment and just relaxed. Well, actually we vacuumed and I polished an end table that we had taken there for her. A couple of months ago we had taken a recliner to her and sadly, it already broke. My husband said it wasn't fixable and now it sits kind of lopsided. It was a used one we got at an estate sale so now we'll probably take her one of ours the next time we go see her and buy a new one for us.

We had a good time and stayed until Sunday afternoon, getting back before it got dark. The roads were clear of snow and we'll probably be going again in a few weeks if the weather is good. It's been snowing more the last week or so and winter is here!


  1. That's neat you were able to go visit your daughter's apartment. I think we would like that restaurant, especially the free cupcake! That was good will power for you to leave them with your daughter. I'm glad you had a good visit and a good drive home.

    1. Yes, that's a big attraction getting the free cupcakes at that restaurant! Now I have to go back to my schedule and cut back on the chocolate I've been eating since the holidays are over, haha.