Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cancelled Twice

About three years ago I told my dentist that occasionally one of my teeth hurt in the back. At that time he said that I had a fracture and that in the future I will have to get a crown. It really had not bothered me but before Christmas I must have bitten hard on it and it was hurting so I called the dentist. They couldn't find any record of my tooth hurting but finally found it in my records that it was three years ago and that I had a fracture. They made an appointment for me and it was for a couple of weeks before Christmas. Well, I happened to get sick at that time and had a sinus infection so didn't feel at all like going to the dentist. I cancelled the appointment and my tooth really hasn't bothered me much (thankfully).

They rescheduled my appointment for this past Monday and low and behold we've had some nasty weather here lately. It snowed and the roads have been icy and treacherous. The schools in our area were closed on Monday since it was pretty bad and since we live about 25 miles from where I go to the dentist my husband thought I shouldn't go.

I called the dentist and the lady didn't really sound too happy about me cancelling my appointment but understood about the weather situation. She probably thought I was nuts because I told her my tooth hasn't really been hurting and that maybe I didn't need the crown. She told me yes I did and that if I didn't it would cause other problems.

Anyways, I rescheduled my appointment and now have to go in a couple of weeks. Occasionally my tooth does hurt a little,,,,,so I'm sure it's the best thing to get it done. I guess in the past whenever I needed a crown my tooth broke so this is a little different situation. I remember once I was eating a candy bar, and a couple times from eating popcorn I think. Oh well, at least I have all my teeth yet. Some people have to get them pulled like my husband did. He had to get a couple pulled out because of two different dentist mistakes. 

Oh no, as I'm writing this my tooth is a little achy. I pray and hope it doesn't get worse now! 


  1. That's frustrating when you have to cancel appointments. You would think the lady at the office would be more understanding, but maybe she was just having a bad day. I hope you're able to make it to the upcoming appointment and that your tooth doesn't hurt.

    1. Thank you Brenda. I'm terrified of dentists to begin with, and am always worried about it before going and while I'm there also.