Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Strange But True

I can't believe this unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan. It's like spring and my sinuses aren't liking it at all! I'm one to get a sinus infection in the spring and fall but after it freezes I'm fine. I'm not one to get sick in December but did this year. A few days ago it snowed a few flurries but that was it. The temperatures have been warm enough to wear a light jacket. The last couple of days it's been gloomy and rainy. Not at all like Christmas time!

I took the short video above from inside the house through the window when it was snowing for a little while.  That's the extent of our snow so far this season. Afterwards, it melted and there were some deer in the wheat field dining on the green crop.

 You see winter wheat is planted in the fall. I'm not sure of the scientific facts, but it doesn't freeze from the cold weather and starts growing in the spring again, Anyways, this time of year it should be frozen and snow covered but it's nice and green.

How's the weather where you live?


  1. That is weird weather. I'm sorry it's been bad for your sinuses. Here in CA, my kids suffer from allergies all year long. It's cold here in S. CA, at least for us; it's been in the low 60's, and even been 38 some mornings. It rained all day yesterday and a little this morning, and looks like it might soon. It's good for us because we need the rain.

    1. It's been raining here a lot lately also. Today it really poured. At least the road aren't icy and slippery like when it snows. Glad you got the rain you needed. What are your kids allergic to?

    2. That's good the roads aren't slippery. My oldest son is allergic to absolutely everything that grows outside, and several other things too. My other two are allergic to grass and trees.

    3. Oh my, your son has a lot of allergies outside then. My kids have several various allergies, mostly dust and mold.