Saturday, December 26, 2015

Is It Already Over?

Is It Already Over?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We were happy to have our daughter home the first time since she moved last July about 3 hours away. Thankfully the roads have been fine since there hasn't been any snow or icy far!

We went to church Christmas Eve and the church was packed to the rim. When we got to church there was hardly any room to park and we had to sit in the second row to the front of the church.  It was a candlelight service and everyone received a candle when they entered. At the end of the service  the ushers came to each pew and lit the person's candle. Then the person lit the candle who sat next to him, and so on. After everyone had their candle lit the church lights went out and was lit only by candlelight. The organist started to play only the first few words of Silent Night and then everyone sang a cappella. It was beautiful!

 Afterwards we went home and decorated cookies which I had baked in the afternoon. Since my son had to work Christmas Eve we didn't open our presents until Christmas morning. Then we went to my mother's to have Christmas dinner with my sister, brother and their families. Later my other sister and some of her family came over.

Today I took some gifts back that I bought for my daughter. I had bought some sweaters for her and they were a little loose since they weren't from the junior section in the clothes department.

Christmas is over and it seemed like it came so fast this year. But it always comes fast to me! How was your Christmas?



  1. Sounds like you had a really nice Christmas. We went to a candlelight service too, and also sang Silent Night while the candles were lit. We didn't get to make cookies this year, but your cookies look delicious. You would think clothes from the women's dept. would still fit teens, but same thing for my daughter, she needs clothes from the junior section, and there aren't many choices there.

  2. That's awesome you had a candlelight service also, Brenda. Thanks for the compliment on the cookies...they are just about gone already, lol. I agree, there aren't many choice in the junior section. I couldn't really find much at all.