Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stylish and Functional Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale 

Have you heard of They are an emerging brand in the consumer marketplace and specialize in digital products for the modern home. They offer products for your home such as digital bathroom scales, electric wine openers, thermo glassware, salt and pepper mills, digital fans, and so much more!

I recently was excited to try out the Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale which is the first kitchen scale that includes antimicrobial protection. The antimicrobial protection is built into the scale and helps to main surface cleanliness of your kitchen scale. It won't wash off or wear away either. This means that it impedes the growth of bacteria which can cause odors and stains.

 I've become more conscious of what I eat and don't want to have any extra calories. With this scale it's easy to weigh my quantity of foods so I don't go overboard. To use all you do is make sure the scale is on a firm surface. Then press the "on/off/tare" button to turn on the scale. There's a "unit" button so you can choose lb/oz, g, fl. oz, or ml.

The tare component is great in that calculates your net weight by subtracting the container weight. This way there is no guessing about how much the container weighs and you get the correct weight of your food.

 The capacity of weight ranges goes up to 18 lbs. so you can weigh quite a wide range of ingredients. I've been buying more of my foods in bulk and package them up in separate bags. This is great so I can get the same amount in each of my bags.

I love the beautiful slim design of this beautiful kitchen scale. It has a bright blue LCD screen which is easy to read. No need to worry about batteries either, because it includes 2 Lithium batteries and you don't need a screwdriver. You can easily store it in a drawer with no problem; or it would look sleek and stylish just sitting on your kitchen counter too.

I'm happy with my new Ozeri scale! Besides using it in the kitchen, it could very well be used for weighing items for mailing, It's a great little all-purpose scale!

If you are interested the Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale can be purchased on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received free sample in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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