Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer #Review

Ozeri is a company that has great products that are high quality and very useful. They have everything from digital bathroom scales to ceramic earth pans, and so much more for your home.

I recently got to try out the Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket Pedometer which I was very excited about. I've never used a pedometer in the past so this was a new experience for me. Keeping in shape is something I always try to do and walking is my favorite way to do it. This is a great way to keep me motivated to walk more than I have recently.

When the Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket Pedometer arrived it came packaged very securely and in great condition. Along with the pedometer you get an instruction sheet, an extra battery, a screwdriver and a lanyard strap.

To get started you pull the tab from the pedometer and you're ready to setup your program. You can program the pedometer to record the steps you take and also the distance by using the mode and reset buttons. It can even be programmed to record the calories and fat that you've burned. After you enter your programs you press the set button to confirm. A nice feature is that it has a memory of up to 7 days. The instructions tell you how to program everything you will need to know.

The Ozeri Pedometer is a nice and slim design which has a clip on the back that you can attach onto your belt or clothing. You can even put it in your pocket. In fact, it is the world's thinnest and lightest pedometer. It weighs less than half an ounce and is less than 0.2 inches thick. It's very comfortable that you don't even notice you have it attached to your belt or clothing. I like the lanyard that is included which is also detachable if you so desire.

So far, I've been having fun counting my steps around the house. I love seeing the steps add up! It's been way to hot to walk outside for myself, but when it cools off I'm going to be using my new pedometer often to keep in shape. One of my sons also wanted to know if he could use it when he goes to work. He's got a new job in a huge store and does a lot of walking all day long.

 The Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer is priced right now at only $17 and is a pretty blue color which I really like. If you are interested in one for yourself, you can get one at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my unbiased review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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