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How To Use Essential Oils For Household Cleaning - 
Contributing Post By Patricia J. Cornwell

I know everybody loves to have a fresh clean home and natural products are a great way to get just that. I'm very happy to have a guest post today by Patricia J. Cornwell. from London, England. She runs a London based company called TenacyCleaners SW6. A big thanks goes out to Patricia for this marvelous article.

In order to maintain your home always perfectly clean and safe, you can try different cleaning techniques until you find the one that works best for you and your place. We are all used to the cleaning with the ordinary products that are offered in the shops and they are without a doubt effective, but they are also filled with various chemicals that are extremely dangerous for the human health. If you want to avoid the unpleasant health complications, better look for safer alternatives. There is a big variety of natural cleaning recipes that give excellent results and require simple and inexpensive ingredients. Some of the most effective ones include essential oils that can disinfect and aromatize at the same time.

Cleaning with natural products saves not only time, but also a lot of money. The best thing about using essential oils in your homemade cleaners is that for the preparing of one batch you will need no more than a couple of drops. This will be more than enough to deodorize and disinfect any surface and fabric in your home, so there is really nothing to worry about. It is enough to try the easy recipes you will find below once to realize that this is the best way to provide your home with the cleanness it deserves.

* An effective all-purpose cleaner with tea tree oil – The tea tree oil is one of the most popular essential oils because it is easy to find and can be used for many purposes. Except that it can help with skin problems, you can also use it to disinfect the worktops in your kitchen and any other area in your home that you like. The tea tree oil will make a great addition to your homemade all-purpose cleaner, so now is the time to experiment. For the purpose you will need an empty spray bottle, which you can fill with water. You can add a few drops of dish washing liquid, as well as 4-5 drops of the tea tree essential oil. When you are done, you can shake the bottle until all ingredients mix well and you can start cleaning immediately.

* Floor cleaner with lemon essential oil – You can include the lemon essential oil in your homemade floor cleaner's recipe. If you still don't have one, you can use the easy one we will present to you now. All you need is distilled water and lemon essential oil. Except the latter, you can use also pine essential oil or spruce. You can mix the water with several drops of the oil in a bucket or in some other container and mop all wood and other floors in your home. This way you will not only disinfect the surface but you will also freshen up the air.

* Special cleaning product with lavender – The kitchen and the bathroom are the places that require most cleaning for sure. You can finish with this tedious task faster by using a special homemade cleaning product with lavender. In a clean spray bottle you can mix white vinegar with 3-4 drops of the essential oil and a little water. You can use this product for the disinfection of any area in your place and you can be sure that all microbes, along with the bad smells and the grime, will be removed for good.

Those are only part of the many ways you can use the different essential oils for household cleaning. Don't be afraid to experiment, but make sure that you learn more about the special qualities of the products you want to use. This is the best way to achieve good results with the cleaning.

The article is written by Patricia Cornwell. She runs TenancyCleaners SW6.

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