Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cheap Highlights!

Cheap Highlights!

I've found a way to get cheap highlights, haircuts and anything else you need to get done to your hair. I have been going to a cosmetology school for about a year and a half now and have saved quite a bit of money. They also do pedicures, manicures and massages for a reasonable cost.

I have been taking my mother to get her hair done every week for a few years so thought I would give the place a try. What's the worst they could do to my hair, I thought. My hair grows fast anyways and if they don't do it the way I like, I get someone else the next time.

Well, I am pretty pleased with going to the school for my hair. I get my hair highlighted about every couple of months or sooner since my hair grows like a weed! I've gotten to know some of the girls that are going to school there and it's kind of fun to chat with young girls and hear about their lives. When the girls are getting ready to graduate I usually start trying out a couple other girls to see how they do.

Yesterday I had my hair highlighted and cut. My hair in the back wasn't as light as I wanted it so I'm going back on Thursday to get it a bit more highlighted. I checked first and there won't be any charge for it.

The girls usually have to get their work checked by the instructor so they can give the student any suggestions. If they need to trim a bit more they tell them and show them if they missed something. 

Before going to the beauty school I would pay $50 for highlights and a haircut at the other salon I went to (the price probably is higher by now since  it's been over a year and a half). Now I only pay $23 (just went up to $25 for a highlight) plus $6 for a haircut. I actually like my hair a lot better than before. The students at the beauty school show me a color chart for the shades of hair I can choose from. They also take their time because they aren't usually in a rush. They do take appointments but if something comes up you might get a girl you didn't make an appointment with.

If you have a cosmetology school near you this might be for you!

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