Monday, June 16, 2014

$500 Isn't Bad!

$500 Isn't Bad!

Some of the treasures for sale!

This past weekend was a busy one for sure! Our town had garage sales going on all over since it was the Michigan Sugar Festival weekend here.

We had our garage sale Thursday Friday, and for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday. Thursday and Friday were very busy with people coming from all over. It was good weather, except Friday it turned out to be pretty cold and we couldn't stand to sit out in the garage. I think it was 60 degrees and cloudy. We ended up closing the sale at 2:30.

It is a lot of work getting ready for a garage sale but we always have an annual sale. We started cleaning the garage about a week before the sale and setting up tables. I priced everything which doesn't really take long since I buy the stickers with the prices on them.

I made four signs and put them on different streets.You sure see a lot of people and it's fun to visit with some of them. Every one has a different item they are interested in and lots of people want to bargain with you for a lower price. I always give them a bargain just to get rid of the stuff.

We had a lot of cookbooks, glassware, knick knacks, a few antiques and you name it. We did good I would say and made around $500 altogether which is great to me! The biggest selling item was a chair that was priced at $45 but I took $35. Other than that it was mostly smaller items, so it takes quite a lot to make it add up. But you would be surprised at how those 50 cents items and 25 cent items add up.

We didn't have a whole lot of stuff left, it was fun and I made some money on top of it!

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