Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blooming Indeed!

Blooming Indeed!

It's a beautiful time of year. Flowers are blooming all over. Spring flowers are over and now Summer flowers are starting to come out. My roses just started opening up a couple days ago.

I love flowers and enjoy the beauty of them. It is so relaxing to just admire them and see them in your yard. Roses are so easy to take care of. I really don't do anything to them but let them grow. Of course, you can fertilize them but I don't even do that. Also if you get bugs you have to get something to take care of them.

We had a nice rain yesterday and today so that will be great for my flowers. The ground was getting dry and we needed the moisture so the rain came at a great time.

I have more flowers that have buds on them so I'll be having other types of flowers coming soon. Some are daisies and lilies so I can't wait to see them! What's your favorite flower? I just love them all. My favorite colors are lavender and pinks. 

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