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Teachers Really Do Change Lives

 Teachers Really Do Change Lives 

Thank you to Office Depot for sponsoring this post. Go here to find out how Office Depot and Adopt-A-Classroom are raising awareness about teachers, and all that they do in the lives of their students.

Did you have a special teacher that left a mark on your life and you always remember? Maybe one or more of your teachers really left a lasting impression on you and helped to shape or form the kind of person you are today.

I remember many of my own teachers I had while growing up in our small town. One of my teachers was Mrs. D who was a wonderful and compassionate teacher. Mrs. D always took the time to help you with your homework if you didn't understand that one problem. She always taught with the ability to make you interested in what she was teaching also. No matter what subject it was, she made learning fun and interesting. 

Every day teachers go above and beyond in a lot of ways. When my daughter was in second grade one of her teachers was always doing something above and beyond. I know she spent countless hours of her personal time and money out of her pocket preparing for fun and exciting projects for her students. One of those projects was doing a play and baking cookies for a nursing home. The kids were going to visit the nursing home for Thanksgiving and give a play for the residents. This teacher helped out with baking dozens of cookies to pass out for the senior citizens. She wanted to make sure everyone had a cookie and it was so fun for the kids to pass them out to the seniors!

When I teamed up with Office Depot to share what some teachers are doing it was amazing to see how many teachers are going above and beyond. Many spend money out of their own pocket every year, especially in underfunded areas. Some spend thousands of dollars of their own money for their classroom supplies, which was very shocking to hear!

One of those teachers who spends out of her pocket for her classroom is Cassie Cox who teaches at an alternative high school in Utah. Cassie is a former drop out who went on to get her Master's Degree, and wants the same for her students. She gives them a second chance and a new way to look at learning. You can watch her Teachers Change Lives video below. Cassie is an inspiration and dedicated teacher who is number one in my book!   You can watch a short video about more inspiring teachers like Cassie by going here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Office Depot and Adopt-A Classroom have partnered to raise awareness about teachers, and all that they do in the lives of students. Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit organization that helps connect donors with teachers to enhance the learning environment for students.

Teachers are doing innovative things in the classroom and you can help them do more for their students by donating. If you would like, you can donate to the teacher highlighted in the video or a teacher in your local community. Just go below to find out how you can help this worthy cause.

Ways You Can Help:

Register Your Classroom as a Teacher by going to Teachers Change Lives. Click on the red box that says "Register Your Classroom", and it will take you to the Adopt-A-Classroom website.

Donate To a Teacher by going to Teachers Change Lives and click on the teal "Donate To A Teacher" box.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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