Friday, April 4, 2014

Guess Where I Am?

Guess Where I Am?

Yesterday morning AT&T was working on our property doing some work and they cut a line outside by mistake. It cut off our internet and phone service. I'm not at home right now but I'm at McDonalds to use my computer! It's the second time today, by the way!

We finally got a hold of  AT&T and got a guy come and work on it for about an hour. He said he found the cable and it would be fixed in 15 minutes. He got the phone to work but no internet service.

The guy came in the house and then proceeded to pull cords in and out. Then he said the cord for the modem and router was broke. Well, it was not broke before and worked perfectly. We are not happy campers, to say the least. 

Anyways, it was not the cord that is broke. We got a new one today and we still don't have internet. AT&T screwed something up and now we are getting the run around!

It's a mess to say the least! Today is Friday and we haven't had any internet since yesterday morning! 

My husband just called AT&T for the fourth or fifth time and somebody is supposed to come again today.

Hopefully I'll have the internet soon! 

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