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50 Mystery Classics AND 50 Dark Crimes Movies Packs Review - GIVEAWAY

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to review and all opinions are my own.

50 Mystery Classics AND 50 Dark Crimes Movies Packs Review + GIVEAWAY

Image Credit Mill Creek Entertainment 

 I've found a great company to get some cool movies or television shows which is called Mill Creek Entertainment! Mill Creek Entertainment is the industry's leading provider of value-priced DVD and Blu-ray features and compilations. They offer something for everyone - from kids to adults - at great affordable prices. 

Mill Creek Entertainment's partners include Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video, CBS Home Entertain, Cookie Jar Entertainment, DHX Media, Classic Media, Mattel, Carsey-Werner Products, BabyFirst TV and many more.

 If you love good old movies like I do you will love this giveaway! There are two sets of movies that I was so excited to review. First of all, I love mysteries and Mystery Classics is a great set with 50 movies that anyone will enjoy. This is a 12-disc set of DVDs and the approximately run time is 62 hours and 8 minutes. You can purchase this set for only $22.48.
Some of the great stars in these movies include Hedy Lamarr, Ray Milland, Basil Rathbone, James Cagney, William Powell, Burgess Meredith, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Lew Ayres, Bela Lugosi, Orson Welles, and many more! I really enjoyed watching a few of these movies so far. There is just something about an intriguing and suspenseful black and white movie that I like! This set would be great to have in your movie collection and includes the following movies:

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back    
Bulldog Drummond Escapes        
Bulldog Drummond in Africa       
Bulldog Drummond’s Peril           
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge               
Bulldog Drummond’s Secret Police                         
The Death Kiss    
Dick Tracy Detective      
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome        
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball     
Dressed to Kill 
Eyes in the Night           
Fog Island   
Great Guy        
The Green Glove              
He Walked By Night        
Kansas City Confidential 
The Kennel Murder Case 
The Man on the Eiffel Tower   
Midnight Manhunt        
The Moonstone 
Mr. Moto’s Last Warning         
Mr. Wong – Detective    
Murder at the Baskervilles         
Murder at Midnight      
Murder By Television 
Murder With Pictures    
Mystery Liner   
The Mysterious Mr. Wong        
Nancy Drew: Reporter   
Scarlet Street     
The Second Woman      
The Shadow Strikes   
The Shadow: International Crime      
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon 
The Sign of Four 
The Stranger      
A Study in Scarlet             
Terror By Night
They Made Me A Criminal       
Too Late for Tears      
Topper Returns 
The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes
The Woman in Green   

The second set of movies I got to review are Dark Crimes 50 Movies Set. It is a 12-disc set with an approximate run time of 60 hours and 40 minutes. This set is only $22.48 also and the movies are black and white. These are wonderful suspense-filled movies that will keep you at the edge of your seats. I enjoy this type of movie also and remember watching some of these on late night movies years ago. It was so neat to be able to watch and bring back to life these movies again!

Image Credit Mill Creek Entertainment 

Some of the stars in these movies are Richard Cromwell, Loretta Young, Edmond O'Brien, Yul Brynner, Lloyd Bridges, Basil Rathbone, Lee J. Cobb, Raymond Burr, Edward G. Robinson, Pat O'Brien, Hedy Lamar, Melvyn Douglas, and Ann Sheridan. Don't you just love these old movie stars? I especially liked Edward G. Robinson in those old gangster movies. This movie set includes the following:

Baby Face Morgan  (1942) B&W  Richard Cromwell
The Capture  (1950) B&W              Lew Ayres
Cause For Alarm  (1951) B&W      Loretta Young
The Chase  (1946) B&W                 Robert Cummings
D.O.A.  (1949) B&W         Edmond O’Brien
The Devil’s Party  (1939) B&W      Victor McLaglen
Fear In The Night  (1947) B&W     DeForest Kelley
Flowers from a Stranger  (1949) B&W       Yul Brynner
Gaslight  (1940) B&W      Anton Walbrook
The Great Flamarion  (1945) B&W              Erich Von Stroheim
Guest in the House  (1944) B&W  Ralph Bellamy
Half a Sinner  (1940) B&W             Heather Angel
The Hoodlum  (1951) B&W            Lawrence Tierney
The Inner Circle  (1946) B&W        Adele Mara
Inner Sanctum  (1948) B&W          Mary Beth Hughes
The Last Mile  (1932) B&W            Preston Foster
A Life At Stake  (1954) B&W          Angela Lansbury
The Limping Man  (1953) B&W     Lloyd Bridges
Love From a Stranger  (1937) B&W            Basil Rathbone
Man Who Cheated Himself  (1950) B&W  Lee J. Cobb
The Man Who Had Influence  (1950) B&W              Robert Sterling
The Mandarin Mystery  (1937) B&W          Eddie Quillian
The Mystery of Mr. Wong  (1939) B&W    Boris Karloff
The Naked Kiss  (1964) B&W         Constance Towers
Parole, Inc  (1948) B&W                 Michael O’Shea
The Pay-Off  (1930) B&W               Lowell Sherman
The Phantom Fiend  (1932) B&W Ivor Novello
Plan For Escape  (1952) B&W        Peggy Ann Garner
Please Murder Me  (1956) B&W                  Raymond Burr
Prison Shadows    (1936)  B&W      Eddie Nugent
The Red House  (1947) B&W         Edward G. Robinson
The Scar (AKA Hollow Triumph)  (1948) B&W          Paul Henreid
Shoot to Kill  (1947) B&W              Russell Wade
Sinners in Paradise  (1938) B&W                 Madge Evans
The Sleeping Tiger  (1954) B&W                  Alexis Smith
Slightly Honorable  (1940) B&W                  Pat O’Brien
Strange Illusion  (1945) B&W        James Lydon
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers  (1946) B&W     Barbara Stanwyck
The Strange Woman  (1946) B&W              Hedy Lamar
Sucker Money  (1933) B&W          Mischa Auer
Ten Minutes to Live  (1932) B&W               A. B. Comatherie
There Was a Crooked Man  (1950) B&W                  Robert Sterling
Things Happen At Night  (1948) B&W        Gordon Harker
Trapped  (1949) B&W      Lloyd Bridges
Two Sharp Knives  (1949) B&W    Stanley Ridges
Whistle Stop  (1946) B&W             George Raft
The Woman Condemned  (1934) B&W      Claudia Dell
Woman in the Shadows  (1934) B&W        Melvyn Douglas
Woman on the Run  (1950) B&W Ann Sheridan
The Wrong Road  (1937) B&W     Helen Mack

I really enjoyed both of these amazing sets! Thank you to Mill Creek Entertainment for graciously allowing me to review them!

GIVEAWAY: If you would like a chance to win BOTH of these movie sets (Mystery Classics and Dark Crimes) just enter the Rafflecopter below. U.S. only for ages 18 and older. Giveaway ends 3/27/14.


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