Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Long Icicles!

Long Icicles! 

Everybody knows this has been a brutal winter. The frigid temperatures and snow have been record making here in Michigan. It was up to 20 degrees today and the sun was shining so nice. At least it wasn't below zero and windy like it has been. There is so much snow piled up that when it gets windy it drifts across the road and is really icy.

Thought I would share some photos of icicles that were hanging from my mom's garage. They are some of the longest icicles that I've seen that I can remember, anyways. There were some more large icicles hanging from her house, and my son knocked them off and stuck them in the snow.

How is it where you live? Do you have a lot of snow and cold weather this winter?

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