Monday, December 16, 2013

Kojava Coffee {Review}

Disclosure: I received sample of product to review and opinions are all my own.

kojava | the ultimate coffee experience

There is one thing that I always need when I get up in the morning. That one thing is a cup or two of freshly brewed coffee. It seems like I can't really function until I have my first cup of coffee. I only drink decaf since regular coffee gets me a little jittery so it has to be a good cup of decaf and not some bitter flavored coffee.

I'm always looking for great new coffee companies and have found one that is awesome! This great company is call Kojava! Kojava is a company that sells all varieties of coffees and teas. They have coffee from all different regions of the world, such as Africa, Asia, Austrailia, Carribean and many more. 

You are sure to find some variety of coffee that you will love from Kojava! Kojava has many types of coffee such as blend, direct trade, low acid, decaf, fair trade, flavored, kosher, organic, regular and green. If you would prefer tea they have  black, green, herbal and oolong. Kojava's prices are reasonably priced.  They have coffees for less than $15, $15 to $25, and more than $25 for specialty coffees.

For my review I received a wonderful coffee called Voyage Coffee Roasters which is a Peru Decaf. I received a 12 oz. bag which was so fresh. The date on the package said that it was roasted on Dec. 12, 2013. I couldn't get much fresher coffee than this any place, I would say. This amazing coffee is a flavorful decaf with nuttiness, notes of lemon tea, and light sweetness. When I received the package in the mail I could already smell the divine fragrance of the coffee.

I couldn't wait to make a cup of coffee and ground some of the organic whole coffee beans in my coffee grinder. Mmm! This is a delicious cup of coffee! It has an awesome blend of flavor with no bitterness at all. It is my new favorite coffee and I am so happy that I found out about Kojava Coffee. I would recommend this company to any one! On top of the great coffee, the customer service is so friendly and helpful! 

Thank you to Kojava Coffee for providing this sample of coffee to review.

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