Monday, November 25, 2013

New NAAT Garlic Magic Collection - Review

Disclosure:   I received free samples of products to review and opinions are my own. Your results may differ from mine. I am disclosing this information per FTC Guidelines.

New NAAT Garlic Magic Collection - Review

First of all, here is some information I received from the nuNAAT:

Natural Remedy for slow-to-grow hair

This line works its magic at the roots, leaving hair with a fresh, clean scent and intense shine. Formulated with garlic extract, it cleanses the scalp of impurities and strengthens hair follicles to promote growth, health and a beautiful shine. It prevents dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss.

• Restores hair to a strong, healthy and natural state
• Formulated with garlic extract
• Fresh, clean scent (no garlic smell)
• Fights dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss
• Suitable for all hair types. Ideal for slow-to-grow and fragile hair.

NAAT Treament Presentations:
Retail Size: 500ml/ 16.8 fl oz | 300ml/ 10.5 fl oz | 500ml/17.6 fl oz

NAAT Garlic Magic Collection Includes:
• 500ml/ 16.8 fl oz Shampoo
• 500ml/ 16.8 fl oz Conditioner
• 300ml/ 10.5 fl oz Styling Leave-in
• 500ml/17.6 fl oz Intense Hydration Hair Mask

My Review:  This past Spring I had the wonderful opportunity to review NAAT Treatment Repair Care by NuNAAT. I really liked how these products made my hair more healthy, soft and better looking. Recently, I was approached again by the same company to try a brand new collection of products called NAAT Garlic Magic Collection!

The first thing I thought of when I heard the word "garlic", well to me it didn't sound very appealing. But then I read that there is no garlic smell. Hmm, I was  still skeptic about it.

When I received my NAAT Collection the first thing I did was take the cap off and took a whiff of the products and guess what?! They all smell so amazingly great with a fresh, clean scent! Now I couldn't wait to try them all out. By the way, the bottles all are in my favorite color, which is purple! The caps are a lighter shade, like a lavender. So that was a great start! 

I was going to start growing my hair out but decided that I didn't like the "grow out" stage so now am back to the short hair that is easier to take care of anyways. Also, I don't think I look good with longer hair anyways. I just got my hair highlighted before I started with the NAAT Garlic Magic Collection so it was good timing.

First of all I started with the NAAT Garlic Magic Shampoo and like I said, it smelled divine. I liked how it makes my hair feels squeaky clean after washing it. After washing my hair I rinse it thoroughly.

NAAT Garlic Magic Conditioner:  I used this after washing my hair and applied it generously, as the bottle states. Then I made sure all my hair got massaged with the conditioner and let it stand for 2 minutes. Afterwards, I rinsed it out and towel dried my hair. Easy as pie!


NAAT Garlic Hair Mask:  As states on this container, this NAAT Garlic Hair Mask deeply moisturizes and strengthens hair from the roots. I applied some of this product on my hair generously, as the container states. Then I worked it into my hair very thoroughly. After waiting about 15-20 minutes I rinsed it out real good.

NAAT Garlic Magic Leave-In:  This product is something that you can put in your hair after washing and using the conditioner. Put some as needed on your hair, as the bottle states. You don't have to rinse this product out of your hair. Then just comb or style.

Here are the Results:

Before Using NAAT Garlic Magic Collection

 I have used the NAAT Garlic Magic Collection for a little over 2 weeks and I am  pleased with the results! My hair is softer and feels so smooth and silky. The picture below my highlights have grown out since my hair really grew.

After Using NAAT Garlic Magic Collection

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