Sunday, September 1, 2013

The End of Summer and I Get Sick!

The End of Summer and I Get Sick!

Thursday night I felt tired.  More tired than usual.
I worked that day with my sister preparing an estate sale so thought it was from
the physical work.

Friday morning I woke up and knew it was back!  Yep, my head and ears were plugged and
I felt tired, achy, weak, with a scratchy throat.  I knew I had a sinus infection!

I called my allergy doctor and luckily got in at 10:45 because of a cancellation.  I drove to get
there (takes half an hour) and then waited another 40 minutes to see him.  

The doctor came in and asked if I was there for a check-up.   Nope, not a check-up for me.  I then  proceeded to tell him my symptoms and I told him that I must have a
sinus infection.  He didn't doubt me but checked my ears, nose, throat and lungs.

The doctor proceeded to write my prescription and then I got a shot in the behind! 

It's the same thing every Spring and Fall. I've gotten sinusitis since I was in my early twenties.  I
remember the first time I got it was going to my brother's graduation.  My family had to drive to
another state and I got sick.  I knew it wasn't a cold but a lot worse!  It was terrible!

Sinus infections are a lot worse than a cold for sure.  You feel just exhausted and terrible.  If you've ever 
had one you know all about it.

So I've taken my antibiotics since Friday.  Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon, but it usually takes
a good 2 weeks for it to go away completely. 

Have you ever had a sinus infection?

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