Monday, September 2, 2013

End of Summer Garden Produce

End of Summer Garden Produce

One thing about summer is the fresh produce you get to enjoy.  Here in Michigan the winters are long and we look forward to Spring to plant gardens.   I like to have fresh veggies and with the help of my husband, we usually have a garden every year.

 Last year we had a bumper crop of onions but this year they didn't grow very well and weren't very big.  I didn't have to buy any onions at the store last winter because we had enough from the garden to last until this Spring.

 Today my daughter pulled all of the the onions out because they were looked like they were ready to be harvested and drying up.   My husband also pulled out all the dried up plants from the squash and cucumbers.  We still have tomatoes and peppers growing so there will be something left for awhile!
Here are our onions we got this summer.  The onions in the top box are a little smaller than the bottom box.
Box of Smaller Onions
Box of a Bit Larger Onions

  They will be fun to peel but we will use them for sure! 

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