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Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - Giveaway!

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Win 1 quart of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 32 oz.
Tropical Traditions is America's source for coconut oil. Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is hand crafted in small batches by family producers, and it is the highest quality coconut oil they offer. You can read more about how virgin coconut oil is different from other coconut oils on their website: What is Virgin Coconut Oil?

Tropical Traditions also carries other varieties of affordable high quality coconut oil. Visit their website to check on current sales, to learn about the many uses of coconut oil, and to read about all the advantages of buying coconut oil online. Since the FDA does not want us to discuss the health benefits of coconut oil on a page where it is being sold or given away, here is the best website to read about the health benefits of coconut oil.

A little over a year ago I did a review and giveaway of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  They were my first review and giveaway that I had.  Well, I am very pleased to do a giveaway for this awesome company again!

If you have never heard of Tropical Traditions before you are truly missing out.  Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is a pure, unrefined coconut oil which is made in the Phillipines.  This oil is not mass produced, but is made by hand as it has been done for hundreds of years.  The coconuts are certified organic according to strict USDA standards.  No chemical or high heat treatment is used and it does not contain trans-fatty acids.  This high-grade coconut oil has a long shelf life also due to the high antioxidant properties.  You can keep it for several years and it does not have to be refrigerated. 

There are hundreds of uses for coconut oil!  Coconut oil is great for cooking and it doesn't become toxic in uses for high heat.  It's great to to use as a moisturizer for your skin.  I even have used it for my hair occasionally, when it gets dried out from over styling.  I love how my hair smells like coconuts after I use it and my hair gets silky smooth too.  When my lips get chapped I put a little coconut oil on them to make them nice and soft.

 Baking with coconut oil is great!  I have made no bake cookies with my coconut oil and they are so good that my family eats them as fast as I can make them.  Also using it to fry foods is great, and it makes an awesome pie crust. Here's a link from Tropical Traditions for some awesome recipesCheck out the short video below for lots of tips on how to use coconut oil:

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Giveaway:  If you would like a chance to win a 32 oz. bottle of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil to try out this amazing product for yourself,  just enter the Rafflecopter form below.  The first entry is to subscribe to Tropical Traditions Newsletter which is mandatory on the Rafflecopter form.

Ages 18 years or older living in the U.S.  Giveaway ends 6/21/13.

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