Saturday, June 29, 2013

Poor Waitress Service

Poor Waitress Service

We don't go out to eat very often, but went out tonight for dinner (or supper) which kind of left a "sour" taste in our mouth, so to speak.  The first thing that happened was the waitress spilled some dressing from my salad on my husband's french fries when she brought our meals.  That was not a big deal, although not a good start.

 My husband's meal included cole slaw.  So, what do you think happened next.  He didn't get the cole slaw.  When the waitress came back to check on things he told her he didn't get the cole slaw and also that he had asked for ketchup when she brought the meal.   We waited for what seemed a very long time, when she came back with the cole slaw but no ketchup.  By that time, my husband was not real happy.  So he asked if he could get some ketchup again and she said "oh, I forgot the ketchup, I'll go get it".  

Finally, after a while she came back with the ketchup and asked if there was anything else she could get us.   My hubby's fries were rather cold by then.  Well, at that point there wasn't anything else he or any of us needed.  We didn't care for her personality to begin with.  I can't really describe it, but she was very overly friendly.  My husband said he wouldn't have minded if she would have been not friendly if she would have gotten things right.

When we left my daughter said she thought he was making kind of a big deal about it.  Things like this happen sometimes.  Would this have made you upset?  What kind of a tip would you have left for this kind of service?   

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  1. Like you we don't go out that often either. I hate to have a meal ruined by crummy service. Don't they realized that trying to take care of too many customers by giving poor service is just a waste of time. They make their living on mostly tips, it doesn't make sense. I do try to be very understanding but when it gets to the point that the one of us is all most finished by the time the other gets their correct mean - well then I'm really upset. What really bothers me is when a non-people person chooses to go into a customer service job to begin with. Those same people will usually complain about how they never get treated nice or make good tips.

    Sorry you didn't get to enjoy your meal.
    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute