Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips Review and Giveaway

Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips Review With Giveaway

I've been looking for more healthy snacks to try lately.  I don't like eating potato chips or other nacho chips because they're not good for you, and I get tired of eating popcorn all the time.  Sometimes you want to have a crispy chip to crunch!  Then I heard of a great brand called Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips.   Beanfields is family owned, farmed and made in the USA.  Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips have twice as much protein and fiber as most tortilla chips. They also have 29%-37% less fat than most tortilla chips and are free of the 8 most common food allergens.  

Why Beans?

Beans are rich in nutrients including fiber and protein (healthy)
Beans rarely cause an allergic reaction (safe)
Beans fix nitrogen in the soil (important)
Beans take less water to grow per pound than any other protein source (smart)
Beans can grow on marginal farmland and in harsh climates (hearty)
Beans can be stored without refrigeration for long periods (planet-wise)
Beans are grown right here in the USA (jobs)
Beans are a staple protein source for most every ethnic group, on every continent (proven)
Beans are an affordable protein source (economical)
Beans are the number one recommended food by the American Diabetes Association (vital)
Beans are the only food listed twice on the USDA Food Plate as a vegetable and as a protein (very healthy)
Beans are important to America's food supply (security)
Beans are used in hundreds of recipes (taste)
Beans are America's super food!

When I received the box from Beanfields I quickly opened it and saw some great flavors that were very tempting to try right away!  The varieties Beanfields offer are Unsalted, Sea Salt, Pico De Gallo, Salt n' Pepper and Nacho.   So what did I do, I ripped open my first package which was the Nacho flavor.

Great Assortment of Beanfields I Received

  First I inhaled the smell of the bag of chips which was great, and then I dug in.  They were very crispy and the flavor was right on,  just the amount of spice.  I really loved the texture of them also.  You can see the black beans and they are nice and crunchy.  They also have navy beans and long grain rice for ingredients.  Not a lot of junk you can't pronounce at all.  You can tell they aren't like regular corn tortilla chips.  They are way better!  I then tried the Pico De Gallo, which is shown in a closeup below.  These are probably my favorite of all the flavors.  

Closeup of  Beanfield's Pico De Gallo Chip

My kids wanted to join in and so we finished off a couple of bags right away.  Yep, we were addicted to them already.  I was glad to see that they approved and were eating something a whole lot better than some junk food.  My son Travis ate a whole bag of the Nacho flavor himself in 5 minutes or less.  Well, it was a smaller bag so I guess that wasn't bad for a boy!   You can use these for dipping too, which would be great.  I didn't have anything to dip them in at the time, but enjoyed eating them alone just fine and dandy.  The other flavors were very good, I might add.  I'm saving most of the Unsalted variety for making nachos.  My husband's favorites were the Sea Salt and Salt n' Pepper.  Hubby said, I quote "these are good snacks", as he chomped away.  Then I told him, "yes, they're a lot better for you too"!  He thought they were just the right amount of sea salt and pepper and ate them out of the bag, along with a drink.

I highly recommend Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips and want to thank Beanfields for allowing me to review their awesome products!  Check them out on their social sites shown below:

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If you would like a chance to win some of these delectable treasures for yourself, just enter the Rafflecopter below.  Winner will receive half a case (6 bags) of chips.  Age 18 years or older living in the continental USA.  Prize will be sent by the sponsor.  Ends 6/17/13. 

Disclosure:  I received sample of product to review and opinions are my own.  


  1. The Pico De Gallo Chip look awesome. I would try them first.

  2. Salt n' Pepper would be great to try. I love lots of pepper.