Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Tomato Plant Eater?

A Tomato Plant Eater?

Going For A Little Walk
Getting Away
Yea, I'm Looking At You (dear)!

We live in a little town and there is a very tiny woods behind our house.   We've lived here for 18 years and my husband plants a garden in the back.  It's rather sandy ground but we can grow tomatoes, summer squash, onions and cucumbers.  That's about all that grows.  I'm surprised we can grow onions because no other vegetable that grows beneath the ground grows well in the soil.

Last year my husband planted about 30 tomato plants as usual.  I always can tomatoes for use in chili and goulash.  The next morning he went to look at the garden and something had chewed or ate off all the plants.  We had never had a problem before all those years till last year.  It must have been deer or rabbits.  I guess they got really hungry!

This cute little guy was behind our house the other day.  He was all alone and my son took some pictures before he noticed him and ran away.  Maybe he was looking for some tomato plants to eat.  Guess what!  My husband planted them by our house this year.

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