Monday, March 4, 2013

My Art Students Going To A Museum

One of my son's who is taking an art history class in college (he's going for Digital Video Production) had to go to Detroit Institute of Art with his class.  We live in a tiny town two hours away.  Yes, he has to drive at least 2 hours to a class, since they don't offer it around our area.   My husband and I went along to make sure he found the place and we wanted to take a tour also.

My daughter is finishing up her last two classes this spring.  Then she will graduate!  Hurray!   She's getting a double major in Art and Graphic Design.  I've mentioned before that she's going to Italy the end of May to take her last two class with professors and classmates, so of course she wanted to go to see the art too!

Well, we were very impressed with this awesome museum.  I found out the Detroit Institute of Art is the 6th largest fine arts museum in the U.S. with over 60,000 works.  They had all kinds of art, from paintings to carvings, and artifacts from before Christ was born.   I loved seeing the sarcophagus of mummies and the original wall carvings from those days, thousands of years ago.   They also have art up to the 21st century.

A highlight was seeing Vincent van Gough paintings also.  They had one on loan from Spain which was a picture of van Gough's bedroom which is very famous.  They also have works from Picasso which everyone has heard of.  You are not allowed to take pictures or I would have taken a lot of pictures.

It was a great day but my feet hurt after walking all afternoon.  If you like art this is the place to go if you're in Michigan some time!

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