Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happiness Doesn't Mean Having A Lot Of Material Things To Me

The older I get I've found out that material things do not bring happiness.  I would like to have a new car but we always get used ones.   Hey, as long as we get where we want to, that's the main thing.  It would be nice to have new recliner is getting rather worn.   Our couch has some seen some better days.
  It would be nice to go on vacations to far away places but I am content not to.

We do have one thing and that is happiness.  My family is thankfully healthy and we have enough food to eat and so far enough to pay our bills.   I'm happy to have a roof over my head, a place to lay my head at night and a great country to live where we are free.

The older I get your view changes on things.  I am happy to have a great husband who has provided for the family and let me be a homemaker.  It's not the same for most families but this has been our family.   We've been married 29 years this May.  We've had problems like everyone, but I'm happy for the little things more these days.  Life goes by so fast so I'm thankful for each day.

I'm content to have not as much as some other people.  We live within our means and don't over spend .  I hope some day my children will have good memories of their childhood and make them smile. I think that's what life is about.  Every one just wants to be happy.

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