Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Only See A Movie When...........

One Of My Son's DVD/Blu-Ray Collection

Today I saw a movie today at a theater with my husband and children (they're young adults).  We don't go to see many movies since it's expensive and there really aren't a lot of good ones.  Occasionally though, my family wants to see one that sounds really good.  It helps that we have a movie card where you get points on when you see a movie, so we had enough points to get 3 free sodas and a big tub of popcorn. 

Yesterday hubby and the kids were talking about a movie called Django Unchained.  I had not heard of it since I don't keep up with the latest movies.  Usually I only watch television movies on TCM or the DVD's or Blu-rays that my kids have bought.   My sons have quite a collection of their own DVDs and Blu-rays.  You might call my sons movie buffs since they are really into movies and are both going to college for digital video production.  My daughter also knows a lot about movies.  She knows trivia about movies that I'm surprised at.  Even from really old movies and silent films.  

Anyways,  I asked my daughter what the name of the movie was and she said Django Unchained.  I thought she said Django Unchanged.  I didn't have a clue to what it was about but thought if they want to see it, it must be pretty good.  All she said was Jamie Fox, Leonardo DiCapprio, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson were in it.  Now this was a big plus right there!

The movie kept my attention through the whole thing and I didn't even take a bathroom break, which I usually have to do!  If you were thinking of going to see Django Unchained I really think you might like it.  The story line is set in pre-Civil War days and was written by Quentin Tarantino.  Two other movies I've seen that he made are Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.  Another one is Inglourious Basterds and I'll have to watch it on Blu-ray since the kids said it's really good too.  This movie is not for little kids though, so I wouldn't take any children unless they're older teenagers.  It is rated R and there are a lot of shooting and blood scenes in it which I don't care for but the movie was really good to me.  I would see it again today if I could.  I know my kids will get this Blu-ray when it comes out!

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