Monday, January 21, 2013

 Flowers and Winter Weight

Here in Michigan the weather has gotten into the single digits and feels even colder with the wind chill.  Thankfully we have heat, unlike the town five miles from us.  They were without power for a couple of days but I believe they got it back today.  Anyways, I looked outside and thought about my flowers from last summer.  Flowers are so beautiful and I love to look at them and just enjoy their color and beauty.  These are a couple of my pictures I took last summer of some mums I have.  The colors are so awesome.  January is nearly gone already and before you know it spring will be here.  My first spring flowers that come up are crocuses.  It's a sign that winter is over and spring is arriving.

I really don't mind winter because I'm a homebody anyways.  It's kind of like hibernating like the bears and other animals.  Then when spring comes you shed your sweaters and winter coats.  You show a lot more skin in the summer, which means I should start trying to lose some pounds.  It seems like the older you get the harder it is to lose a "few" pounds.  Those pounds  just re-distribute in different parts of your body.   You can't just eat whatever you want to like you used to be able to do.  I should start real 
soon to diet........first I plan on making some Valentine cookies with chocolate hearts on them (for the kids of course).  I might have to sample them first.

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