Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Creepy Crawling Tomatoes

My husband planted a couple of tomato plants in front of our house this spring.  He did this because something (a rabbit or rabbits I think) chewed off  a dozen plants the day after they were planted in our garden behind the house.  This tomato plant has crawled right through the railing and is on the porch and steps.  There are still some green tomatoes so I guess we'll let it there for a while, as long as the weather lasts.  

I only got about 20 quart jars of tomatoes canned this year.  Last year was the best year ever and I canned around 64 quart jars.  This year we had an abundance of rabbits in the neighborhood.  Even the neighbors commented how many there wereOh well, the little critters have to eat too.   It must have been a good year for rabbits, but not for our tomatoes in the garden.

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