Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Signs That Summer Is Over and Fall Is Here

This picture is behind our garage.  It's kind of a sign that summer is over for good.  The old wheelbarrow is leaning against some old bricks. It was my mother-in-law's wheelbarrow and my husband uses it occasionally in the yard. That grill is our old one and doesn't have a new home yet.  We were given a "new" used grill from my brother who got a new one for himself and gave us his old one.  It's just sitting there in a pile of leaves beside a hazel nut bush.  By the way, we never got any hazel nuts this year because the squirrels got them all before we couldYou see them scurrying around people's yards burying the nuts they collect.  Fall is here and next we'll see some of that white stuff (snow)!  I hope it doesn't come too soon though.  I love fall, the colors, and the cooler weather. 

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