Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Banana Costume!

I am so excited because I found out that I won a banana costume from a well known company!   No,  I haven't dressed up for Halloween for a number of years but when I get the costume it will be a day to dress up like a banana!  Hopefully it will be delivered before Halloween which I didn't even realize was next week already.  

When your kids get older you don't really get as excited about Halloween like when they were little ones.  It sure is a fun holiday for a lot of people.  We don't get any kids coming to our house because we live on a dead end street. One year we did get a few kids which was surprising.  My husband gave them each a quarter which they really seemed to like more than the candy.  
Clip Art Credit: Phillip Martin 

When my kids did go trick-or-treating we would all go as a family.  If it was cooler, I would drive the car and my husband would walk with the kids till they would get tired or too cold.  When we would get home, the kids would dump out their candy and sort it into piles. They would separate the candy bars, suckers, bubble gum and the like into their own pile. It seems like yesterday but the years do go by fast.

Does your family go trick-or-treating or celebrate Halloween?   Do you have any Halloween traditions?

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