Friday, October 26, 2012

 Favorite Fragrances

To me, wearing a fragrance is part of getting dressed to go out.  When I'm wearing a favorite perfume of mine it makes me feel good about myself.  Even when I was a little girl, perfumes were something I really liked.   One Christmas my Aunt Gertie gave me a gift set with perfume and dusting powder in it.  I really loved that gift because it was something that was special to me.  She must have liked things like that also. 

Growing up, I always saw commercials for Chanel No. 5 and thought it must be really good.  I never purchased any for myself because it was too expensive for me,  but when I started dating my husband I hinted to get it for a gift.   He got me a nice bottle of Chanel No. 5 and it was so great.  When it was gone I even kept the bottle for quite a while.  I haven't  gotten any since but still love the scent! 

Quite a few years ago I was working at my church and a lady had some great scent on.  I commented how I really liked it and she told me it was Estee Lauder's Beautiful.  Well, Beautiful  is one of my favorite perfumes now.  The last few Christmases I have gotten a gift set with the extra lotion you get with it, although last Christmas my husband forgot to get some Beautiful for me.  I then had to go shopping and bought it for myself.  Looks like I'll need another gift set soon!  Maybe I should just go and buy it myself!  I'd really like another bottle of Chanel No. 5 also!  It's been quite a few years and I still remember the wonderful scent.

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  1. My bf got me perfume for Christmas last year, and even though it's a heavy, winter-only kind of fragrance, I found myself putting it on during homebody days during the summer. It's funny and kind of wonderful how a perfume can smell like love.

  2. I agree Grace! It's amazing what a spritz of perfume can do for a person :)