Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Cleaning and Washing Windows

I remember my mom always washed her windows in the Fall and Spring.  All the windows had to be taken apart and she got the ladder out and a pail of warm water.  She put vinegar in the water also and used an old rag to wash the windows.  Mom still does it like this but not very often, since she can't climb ladders too well anymore and is getting older.

There are various ways you can wash windows.  Some people use ammonia and water, or spray window cleaner.  Then I've heard of using newspapers crumbled up to wipe them after washing them.  To get in the corners where you can't get a rag or paper towel, etc. I've used a cotton swab.  It works pretty well to get that built up dirt out.  Most of the time I just use the spray window cleaner.  While I'm writing this I'm looking at my dirty windows and thinking I should clean them pretty soon.  I don't think most people do Spring and Fall cleaning like years ago.  Most women don't have the time and times have changed. 


  1. I still do a big Fall and Spring cleaning. I remember my Mom doing it every year too and I guess I decided to continue the tradition :) I enjoy those cleanings!

  2. Awesome! I bet your home is nice and clean:) Thanks for the comment:)