Saturday, September 22, 2012

Petunias Still Blooming and The End of Summer

These petunias are still looking pretty good for the first day of Fall.  I love flowers and hate to see the end of summer is here.  Fall is very beautiful though, with colors changing on the trees and the cool crisp chill in the air here in Michigan.  Seasons are nice but it always seems like the winter lasts forever and summer just flies by. 

This year was very strange with 80 degree weather in March and then we got frost after that in April.  The plants and trees were affected by the drastic change in temperature.  We have a peach tree and always have it loaded with peaches.  This year we had an ice cream pail full of peaches.  I've heard the apple crop was affected by the weather also and they're aren't as many apples this year in Michigan.  The drought didn't help crops either but thankfully the ten acres of navy beans we have by our house look very good.  I don't think our state was affected as much as other states either.  I'm not a farmer but we're very thankful for how good the crops look in our farming community.

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