Friday, September 21, 2012

Kids Contributing/Doing Household Tasks Around The House

It's kind of hard to get kids to do household tasks or contributing around the house sometimes.  If you don't instill these responsibilities when they are younger it might be tougher as they get older.  Making a list for each child and what they have to do makes it simpler when they see it on paper.  As they do their chore they can cross it off the list.  I'm not saying it always works but it's worked in our house fairly well.  My kids are older so they can wash dishes, dry dishes, take out trash, fold laundry, hang up clothes, vacuum, dust furniture, clean the car out, and wash windows. 

My daughter likes to make spaghetti with homemade sauce and she has a couple different recipes she got off the internet.  It's a nice break for me not to have to cook occasionally, so that's something that she can contribute to the family.  I think it's good to instill children with a sense of responsibility.  What do you do to motivate your kids to help out with the household tasks?  

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