Sunday, August 5, 2012

Religious Poem On My Bookmark

I have a bookmark in my bible.  I don't know where it came from but I thought I would share the poem on it.  It has this same picture of Jesus on it.

There's someone who does love you -  and cares for you each day.  He stretches forth His loving hand  - to show his gentle way.

Forgiveness - Love - Acceptance - are promises He made - Upon that Cross at Calvary - Oh!  What a price He paid.

He hung there for a reason - God saw us clothed in sin.  He knew there was no chance for - a soul to enter in.

So God sent us a Savior - Lord Jesus, is His Name.  And those that call upon Him - He cleanses from all shame.

He takes the sin inside you - remembering it no more.  When there is true repentance - He opens up the door.

He'll lead you and He'll guide you - His love will never end.  Your broken-ness , your sorrow - and heart...He starts to mend!

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