Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blogging - Hobby or Business


I haven been blogging for a little while now and it's a hobby to me.  I like to post about anything and everything.  It's fun to have giveaways occasionally and to enter other people's giveaways.   I know some people are really into blogging and their blogs are very business like.  That's great for some people.  For me I want it to be fun and not get too business like.  Life is too stressful the way it is.  It is fun to meet nice people and see how many people read your posts.  I am trying to get my Alexa ranking down and it has been doing pretty good. 

Sometimes I get stumped on what to write on my blog.  How about anybody else out there.  Do you run out of ideas of what to write about?  One thing I've found out is that it does take time to build up your followers.  At least for me it has.  I know some blogs have thousands of followers and have been blogging for a few years. 

How about anyone else?  Is blogging your hobby or a business?  I'm just curious what others want out of their blog.  Everyone does their own thing.  That's what makes us all unique!

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