Monday, July 16, 2012

Every One Is Afraid To Kill A Bug In My House

Not that we have bugs crawling all over, but occasionally you do find a spider or bug in your house.  At least we do.  Whenever one of my adult kids see a bug they call me to get it.  You know, some of those spiders go real fast and if you don't get it immediately they crawl away and hide in a crack or whatever.

The other day my daughter saw a tiny bug and yelled for me (she's 23).  I just grabbed it with my fingers and squished it.  It was a little black bug that have been around outside this summer.  She was really grossed out that I could grab it bare handed and just squish it.  Sometimes I get a tissue to grab a spider or whatever it is if it's just sitting there and looks like it will be there a while.  My twin sons won't even get a bug and they are 21 years old.  My husband will kill bugs but it seems like I'm the one who always does the job because he's not around at the time. 

I asked my daughter what she's going to do when she gets a place of her own and sees a spider.  She said she'll probably spray it.  Who handles this fun job in your house?  Or do you catch them and let them go?


  1. haha I once was babysitting and tried to get the 5 year old boy to kill this crazy looking bug for me...he wouldn't and I had to brave it! lol

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