Monday, July 9, 2012

America's Got Talent (A Favorite of Mine This Summer)

I like watching America's Got Talent every summer.  It's neat to see so much talent and so little (by some).  This year the new judge Howard Stern adds a lot to the show I think.  I like him much better than Pier Morgan.  I never really knew much about Howard Stern before but I can see why he's so popular!  He's funny, has an outgoing personality and has a lot to say about the acts.  He even goes on stage occasionally (like when he went on with those muscle guys and was dancing).  That was so funny!  The three judges make a great trio.  Sharon, Howie and Howard really add a lot to the show with their great personalities and humor.  The host Nick Cannon does a wonderful job also and gets into the act a lot!  I hope they all stay with the show for a long time because I think they all gel together and make it a better show!  Who do you think will win this year?  The father/daughter singers, the stand up comic, and that man and wife that lift each other and do those amazing things with their bodies are some of my favorites acts. 

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