Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too Hot To Go Walking For Me Today

Today is a little too hot for me to go for my daily walk.  I usually walk a little over two miles each day.   The bank in my town said the temperature was 100 degrees today and I believe it!  The lawns are brown and when you walk on them they're crunchy.  A nice rain would be really welcome.  I remember when we didn't have central air in our house.  We couldn't sleep and it was really miserable.  My husband couldn't take it so we have had central air for about ten years. 

It doesn't seem like it was this hot when I was little.  There were days when it was hot but not so many days.  My brother, sister and I used to have to go hoeing on our family farm growing up.  We would go in the morning and occasionally if it was too hot we wouldn't go in the afternoon.  A lot of people didn't have air conditioning in their homes then.  Now most people have it I think.  That's my view of the weather today!  How is it where you live?


  1. Its very hot in Detroit as well today! I have the central air on! New follower! Please stop by my blog.

  2. Hi Gloria. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. The weather here in Southern Louisiana is horribly hot as well. Hubby and a friend are painting our little cottage. So going with the heat. I'm following you on G+, FBook, and GFC. Look forward to reading more. Donna